Secret سرّ

“Sirr is a substance of God’s grace.... At first, He produces a need and longing and sorrow in man’s heart; then He contemplates that need and sorrow, and in His bounty and mercy deposits in that heart a spiritual substance which is hidden from the knowledge of angel and prophet. That substance is called sirr Allâh….”
— Abu Said

Acrylic, ink on Fabriano Murillo paper 340gsm. 50x50 cm. Screen-printed Limited Edition listed in the Catalogue.

Date7 November 2011
Limited Edition Screenprint

After Qalb and Ruh comes the latifa that is Sirr, the Secret or Mystery (سرّ), a place of deep knowing within the human being. Its color is white, the two shades of which were achieved here by opposing titanium and pearlescent whites.

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