Stitches of Remembrance

Botanical inks on paper, 50x50 cm.

StatusFor sale
DateJuly 2018



The spark that inspired this series of 7 pieces came from an unexpected direction: knitting patterns. I’m fascinated by the way so many different textures can be achieved by combining only two stitches. I translated this into alternating different inks. Because the pattern is written with a reed pen, the repetition is organic and quite unlike what would be achieved by mechanical means: the end result does evoke a handmade textile in all its tactile warmth.

The inks which provided such interesting tinted greys were homemade from natural materials. They are the result of my ongoing experiments in making art materials from foraged plants or kitchen waste. Three inks in all were used for this series: sumac (purplish-grey), sloe (greenish-grey) and avocado (brownish-grey).

A penny for your thoughts...