Box of Uranus

Assemblage. Two tiers, various items. 28x20x8 cm.

Date21 November 2020

The first 7 boxes followed the classical planets, but in the spirit of my own Planetary Spheres, where I explored expanding that model to 10, the collection continues. Both the planet’s sky-god namesake and its actual cyan colour associate it with the skies. Note that the central element (and what it does), as well as the bottom tier of the box are not yet shown here. They’ll only be revealed to the public after it has been purchased and first experienced by the owner.

As with all my boxes, the nature and meaning of the contents are not described as it is for the viewer to make their own relationship to the story.


Brighter by night: Reflective elements inside the lid.

(Further unboxing and details held back until the box has found a home.)


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