Art £50-£500

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One-offs and limited editions up to £500. For larger works, please see the Catalogue. You can also contact me with a budget and I’ll send you a a list of candidates. I’m happy to arrange payment by installments or to consider offers.

Artist Books

A most intimate art format, my artist books are made to be held and enjoyed. The base is giclée printing on etching paper, which I finish and fold by hand.

Woodblock Prints

Printed on a handmade jig, in a meditative repetition of inking and pressing, each image is imperfect and unique, some more distressed than others.
Water-based inks on Zerkall paper 145 gsm, matted in the same colour for an overall size of 25×25 cm. Signed and numbered out of 50.

Conference of the Birds

The “Conference of the Birds” is a 12th-century Sufi poem by Attar of Nishapur, that is a timeless parabol of the mystical quest for the Truth. It features the hoopoe, a spiritual guide figure, leading the birds on a perilous search for their King, the mythical Simorgh. Each bird in turn makes an excuse for not setting out, until at last they are all ready to take part.

I have a deep love of birds, and painted this series out of a desire to create some illumination-inspired work, with traditional pigments and materials, and gold accents. Each bird is perched on a rendition of its Arabic name in the “Eastern Kufic” style, which originates in Persia just like the poem. The text accompanying each bird is my own, trying to distil the essence of that particular passage in a form short enough to fit inside the halo.

Silkscreen Prints

Water-based ink on Tiziano paper 160 gsm, 44x44cm. Signed and numbered out of 33.

Except: Takbīr is 50x50cm and hand-finished with metal leaf. Signed and numbered out of 20.


Each of my Originals is a one-off, designed and made by myself. Only originals can display dimensionality, iridescence or shimmer, cut or folded paper, shadows, and other effects that don’t translate in print or on screen. Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Payment in installments can be arranged upon request.