Commission Artwork

To discuss a commission, please scroll down to read my terms and conditions before filling the form below. You will hear back from me as soon as possible.

Terms & Conditions

  • Style: The commission will be executed by myself in conformity with my established artistic practice, based on the Kufic styles (this includes Manuscript Kufic, Eastern Kufic, Square Kufic, Maghribi and freestyle Kufic; it excludes Naskh, Thuluth, Diwani, Nastaaliq and any other round script).
  • Communication: All communication pertaining to the commission will take place by email. Phone discussions are possible, but all important points will need to be reiterated in writing to be considered binding.
  • Deposit: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before beginning. (In the unlikely event I’m unable to complete the work for reasons independent of the client, the deposit will be refunded.)
  • Work Process: Your requirements and preferences will be duly noted, and at key stages in the process I will show you sketches for approval. However, the expertise lies with me and this cannot be a team effort. If you really like my work, trust me to make a better piece than you can envision. If you’re worried about not liking the result, I am probably not the right artist for you.
  • Framing: If required, framing is the responsibility of the client.
  • Delivery: Pickup from the studio, or the costs of crating and shipping, are the responsibility of the client. If needed, I can suggest options, and make the necessary arrangements with a courier. In this case the modalities would typically be:

    – Smaller works: shipped with Royal Mail Tracked and Signed, or with Fedex if speed is required.
    – Large pieces: collected by Pack & Send, professionally crated, and shipped with insurance coverage.

  • Balance: To be paid upon completion of the work, when I send photos of the finished piece. This will include the added delivery-related costs if applicable.
  • Rights: This agreement is for the making and acquisition of a physical object. I retain all rights to the artwork, including the right to publish and derive prints and/or products from the design. Licensing permissions and/or copyright acquisition need to be negotiated separately. (In the case of a logo, copyright acquisition is included and billed by default.)