Jewel Prints

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You are looking at a single word. A mandala made of pure meaning, in jewel colours with shimmering gold to bring light and stillness into your home.

My original designs, based on the ancient Kufic script, are giclée-printed on lushly textured art paper; I then hand-finish them with gold leaf to make them sing. Each print is titled and signed in pencil.

The prints in this collection are designed to be easy to match up in pairs or triptychs. Their size (30 cm/12″ square) is equally studied: small enough for small interiors, but large enough to make a substantial gift.

Note on frames: Since I launched this series, the price of these frames has nearly doubled at the source, and postal costs have also shot up. It no longer makes sense to offer these pieces framed so I’m afraid I am disabling that option once my current stock of frames runs out. If you’re in the UK, or you really really want a frame, please contact me to arrange it. Thanks!