Terms & Conditions

The following terms apply to any purchase or commission. Please read them carefully to save time and misunderstandings. The artist may in some cases waive some of these at her sole discretion.

General Terms:

  • Communication: For record-keeping purposes, all business communication will take place in writing (email). No verbal exchange will be considered formal or binding unless reiterated in writing.
  • Rights: The purchase of a piece concerns the physical piece only, along with the guarantee that it will remain unique; it does not constitute a transfer of rights. The artist remains the sole owner of all rights to the design, including the right to publish, derive prints and products from it if she so wishes. Licensing permissions and/or copyright acquisition need to be negotiated separately.
  • Packing & shipping costs, if applicable, are in addition to the price of the artwork (import duties may apply in some countries). The modalities of delivery are the following:
    – Smaller works that can be packed in the studio are shipped with Fedex.
    – Large pieces are collected by Pack & Send, professionally crated, and shipped with insurance coverage.
    – Alternatively, the buyer can choose to pick up the work from the studio or to use another courier, in which case they must make their own arrangements .
  • Work will only be shipped upon receipt of full payment.
  • Framing if needed, or reframing if desired, are the buyer’s responsibility, and the artist will not get involved.
  • Holding: Unless the artist has agreed in writing to keep a piece in the studio for a specified amount of time, work that has been purchased needs to leave the studio within 2 weeks of receiving payment. Past this, storage fees will apply.

Regarding Purchases:

  • Prices are as printed. Each piece is one of a kind and of high workmanship: no discount, “favour” or “best price” will be discussed. However, payment in installments is gladly accepted; in this case the work will be handed over upon receiving the final payment.
  • Reserving: Works can only be reserved for 10 working days if they have not been paid for (this can be extended upon request, depending). After this period, they may be sold to a different buyer or their price changed without notice.

Regarding Commissions:

  • Deposit: An upfront downpayment is required for all types of commissions before any work begins. This will be 50% of the cost estimate, or of the minimal estimated cost if studies are required to arrive at a final estimate. The deposit is non-refundable except in the unlikely event the artist is unable to complete the work for reasons unrelated to the client.
  • Creative direction: By ordering a bespoke art piece, you agree to leave the creation to the artist. Your requirements and preferences will be duly noted, but from there the artist will create the work based on her own vision and without outside consultation. Please don’t embark on a commission if you’re concerned about “not liking the result”.
    Note: This does not apply to the same extent when commissioning a design for e.g letterhead, tattoo or jewellery, where back-and-forth discussion is appropriate: however, design decisions ultimately belong to the artist, due to her expertise.
Thank you for your cooperation.