Wedding Season Specials

Welcoming in the month of May means the return of the wedding season, as a few recent requests brought to my attention! For those of you looking for a special gift with a personal touch, I have two offers for smaller budgets:

For £250: An original painting of the names of the newlyweds, in watercolour with gold leaf, in a circular arrangement or square kufic composition (see example of each below; the design will naturally look different every time). Send me the names, colour options and your preference (round or square), and I’ll do the rest.
Size: 30 to 40 cm square.
Ready in: 2 weeks.


For £150: A signed art print (archival giclée) of an existing piece, with gold added by hand to capture some of the jewel quality of the original. Far more precious than a simple reproduction!
Size: 40 cm square or smaller.
Ready in: 1-2 weeks.
(Please note that not all my works lend themselves to this, so give me a few options and I’ll advise.)

These offers and prices will run till the end of August. Both options can be shipped. Please drop me a line with your request 🙂

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