Manuscript Kufic Course

Course contents

The script we will be learning is Manuscript Kufic, the original Qur’anic script which developed under the Umeyyads and reached its apogee under the Abbasids, but fell into disuse nearly a millenium ago. In particular, we’ll be working with the variant illustrated by the page above, which I consider to be the most accomplished. The style and script grammar will based on this manuscript. The course allows each student their own pace, and covers the following:

  • Learning and practicing isolated lettershapes;
  • Learning how letters connect and practicing with words and short texts;
  • Technical skills: Working with colour, constructing the traditionally proportioned text boxes, drafting a page;
  • Putting it all together in one finished page, including diacritics and punctuation;
  • Learning alternative letter forms to create a variant on this style, and if time allows, finishing one more page in this variant.

Zahra Kazani’s testimonial: “Joumana’s course was very enjoyable. She is patient, kind, and accommodating in her teaching style. She is also knowledgeable about the script and its constructions. In addition to demonstrating the letter forms, Joumana also provides handouts that you can take with you to practice after the course. Highly recommend if you’re looking to try it out!”

Course fee

£200 for a class of 3-4 people over 3 days (including all class materials, and a pair of pens + a jar of historical ink to take home). A private course is possible for £300 over 2 days only.


My studio on Wallis Road, behind Hackney Wick Overground station. (Detailed directions will be emailed upon signing up.) Parking is also available in the area.


Nothing — all is provided. But you’re welcome to bring your own texts if you wish (short sentences and paragraphs).

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