Anima Mundi

Acrylic, gouache, ink, Warm Gold 23 3/4 Carat on Cotman paper 300gsm. 50x50 cm.

Date14 September 2012

The Anima Mundi, the World Soul or heart of the world, was known across cultures from times immemorial. “Medieval texts image man as a microcosm of the world, but we dismissed this symbolic relationship, just as we rejected the older vision of the earth as a living being. As the world stopped being a sacred or symbolic reality and became just matter governed by the laws of physics, so the heart, or “soul of the world” (anima mundi), was discarded as a myth.” (Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Working with Oneness)

There isn’t an established Arabic term for the Anima Mundi, so I translated it verbatim, which I don’t usually do: روح الدنيا (Rûh ed-Dunya).

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