Zodiac boxes

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The Treasure Boxes saga continues, and I’m now embarking on a series for the Zodiac. As my boxes tend to sell very fast, this time I’m working by pre-order, and offering a choice of budget:

  • Average corresponds to the scale of the boxes I have made so far.
  • Modest will be a smaller simpler arrangement (but by no means dull).
  • Extravagant means I can really push the boat out both in the making and in the items included.

The symbolism and correspondences I’m drawing from are particularly, but not exclusively, Middle-Eastern, and heavily influenced by Ghayat al-Hakim (known in the West as the Picatrix). The colours below are just for display purposes and don’t represent the palette of the final product.

Please note that making these boxes takes time! It could take a couple of months before your order is ready to dispatch, or more if there’s a queue, so please don’t order if you’re in a hurry. If you need one by a specific deadline, talk to me first.

As of mid-August there are 3 boxes in the queue!