Angels ملائكة

Acrylic, mica pigment, pulverized bronze on Cotman paper 190 gsm.

Date31 December 2012

Malaeka ملائكة translates as “angels” (singular: malaak ملاك) but that concept in itself is subject to interpretation. I’ll stick, then, to the text I was sent to go with the commission request:

“Mala-eka would be the energies of this physical existence. They would be the reflection of the movement of will of Allah in the physical existence. Reflection being a key word.

Once a murid went to see a sheik of the tariqa. Before coming into the presence of the house of the sheik the path he walked became alit. The spiritual energy all around him breathed and pulsated through all the entities all around him. It was now in the relative proximity of the sheik that the murid was able to more easily sense the energies — within the trees, within the grass, within the path… and this was Mala-eka. Reflecting glints of light as to make his whole surrounding surreal.

The mala-eka are following the direction, will of Allah so when one senses the mala-eka, I would understand it to be when one is increasing their level of consciousness towards Allah. All of us, when we have a raise our consciousness (ie to connect to Allah) we have a some subtle sense of the spiritual energies connected to this physical existence… just like the murid did in a more overt way.”

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