Artist statement

My work reflects my experience of the world as being alive with mystery. It invites the viewer to step into this forgotten space by holding them in wonder and stillness: in this vulnerable moment, when one is silenced by beauty and by not-knowing, remembrance can stir.

To this end, the work takes on different shapes, from images of contemplation to multisensory interactive objects.


I use the ancient Kufi script so that the form of the image is dictated by meaning. Free from iconography, yet not legible, the works bypass the mind to engage a deeper recognition. The geometric compositions refer us not to the world of forms but to a cosmic order; their architectural quality generates a space in which one is held in contemplation and stillness.

The stylised, repeated words that make up each piece endow it with the script’s intrinsic qualities – an affinity with geometry, an inner consonance of shapes and proportions that reflects classical teachings on Beauty – making each piece a self-contained whole, a world with its own natural laws. This is enhanced by the aliveness of natural materials, as I have returned to the ancient practice of making my own colours and foraging for pigments. In this way, the creative process begins with the alchemical meeting of human consciousness and nature, and the physicality of transforming matter for the sake of Beauty.

Artist books:

I make books to take art off the wall so it can be experienced in a more active and tactile way. By their sequential nature, they can be art pieces that tell more complex stories and can unfold in multiple dimensions, literally and metaphorically.

Treasure boxes:

These interactive assemblages go a step further than books, engaging all the senses and telling a story in a non-linear manner that is never nailed down. I gather natural elements and vintage objects, trivial but crafted with care, and place them in a context where the user is led to examine and consider them carefully. These objects that are normally so easy to overlook are then turned into centres of meaning, their simple beauty revealed.

The boxes have another dimension. There is something indescribable about handling an unidentified object, or perusing an undeciphered manuscript. It’s a tension between not knowing and longing to know, in which the imagination deploys to contemplate a myriad of possibilities. Find the answer, and this expansive feeling collapses; the mystery is gone and the object is no longer magical. My Treasure Boxes hint, but never tell: they can create and hold this space of possibilities. The owner is left free to piece together their own story, revise it, add to it, without outside correction or validation.