The Artist

Artist statement

I use the ancient Kufi script to create art infused with meaning and reverence. Free from iconography, the work bypasses the mind to engage a deeper recognition. The geometric compositions refer us not to the world of forms but to a cosmic order; their architectural quality generates a space in which one is held in contemplation and stillness.

The stylized, repeated words that make up the work endow it with the Kufi script’s intrinsic qualities—an affinity with geometry, an inner consonance of shapes and proportions that reflects classical teachings on Beauty—making each piece a self-contained whole, a world with its own natural laws. This is enhanced by the aliveness of hand-prepared materials: I have returned to the ancient practice of making my own colours and foraging for pigments. In this way, the creative process begins with the alchemical meeting of human consciousness and nature, and the physicality of transforming matter for the sake of beauty.

While I use paper more than any other support, for its warmth and its aptitude to be cut, layered, folded to create shadows, I also look for ways to keep art out of a frame. This quest for depth and unmediated experience finds ultimate expression in my wall sculptures, which break free from any framing device to grow straight out of the wall—and, on a different scale, my artist books which can be held and enjoyed in a personal, intimate way.

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