Divine Love عشق

“In every moment this love is more endless,
in every time people are more bewildered in it.”
— Attâr

Acrylic, ink, metal leaf on Cotman paper 300gsm. 50x50 cm.

Date22 September 2011
StatusNot for sale
Limited edition screen print

Although in daily speech the word refers to obsessive love or passion, ‘Ishq عشق is Divine Love, or Agape, the deep (and just as overwhelming) love that exists between man and his Creator, “lover and Beloved” in Sufi philosophy, which is centered on this love.

The composition was planned so the tails of the ق would form a stylized rose, as that flower is considered to be a symbol of divine love. The spiraling motion pulls in the viewer as surely as the lover is absorbed.

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