Presence وجود

“Tawhîd entails the encompassing of the servant. Wajd entails the immersion of the servant. Wujûd entails the extinction of the servant.”
— Abu Ali ad-Daqqâq

Acrylic, ink pens, gilding on Cotman paper 300gsm. 50x50 cm.

Date4 August 2011

Wujûd means “presence”, “Being” (as opposed to non-Being). Examined more closely, the original meaning of the word is “being found”. To Sufis this refers to finding or being found by God, a moment in which all else is annihilated.

I found that the two pairs of letters in the word could be made exactly identical to create a perfectly regular shape. Despite its apparent complexity, the word is repeated only four times. The tail of the و tapers to propel it into an endless rotation.

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