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Step-by-Step Geometry

(This is the last of my stock for these books, which I will offer as digital or print-at-home options in the future). These workbooks are a convenient A5 size and will lie open while you work. Each book offers very clear diagrams and step-by-step instructions to construct, on paper, patterns drawn from the Islamic, Christian, and other traditions. Everybody can do geometry, so it’s a brilliant creative outlet even for people who think they can’t draw. It’s famously grounding and meditative.

The books are presented below in order of difficulty, but they don’t have to be used in order. If you’re a complete beginner, however, I recommend picking up my primer First Steps, which is available alone or as a half-priced add-on to any of the other books. It teaches key operations (bisecting a segment, and the various divisions of the circle) that recur in all other constructions but are not shown in detail every time.