Wall Pieces

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    All the pieces below are one-off originals and come with a certificate of authenticity. You can also download the PDF catalogue to browse available originals in more detail.

    Shipping is free (except for the items marked “Special Requirements”), but import fees may apply that I have no control over, depending on your location. Some pieces are sold framed, and in this case the frame is priced in.

    You can benefit from a studio discount by coming to see and pick up the work directly from my studio in East London. I’m also happy to take payment in installments. Either way, drop me a line.

    Special Requirements: These pieces can’t be directly added to cart because they’re either glazed or particularly large, and need to be crated by professionals. This is an additional charge, so please contact me and I’ll get a quote for you. If you can collect directly from the studio however, I’ll pack the work for a light journey at no extra charge.

    Small Works (long side 40cm or less)


    Medium Works (long side 48 to 76cm) using special techniques or handmade materials


    Special requirements:

    Medium Works in standard materials

    Special requirements:

    Large Works (100cm +)

    Special requirements: