Dazzling Beauty بهاء

Wall sculpture. Acrylic and 24ct gold on mount board and wood. 99x111x3 cm.

Date14 March 2015
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Bahâ’ (بهاء) is one of the many Arabic words that describe beauty, specifically beauty that dazzles the eyes, “magnificence, splendor, radiance”.

The design took the shape of a traditional geometric pattern, to which I added dimension by means of layers and by revealing the grid on which the pattern is constructed. This grid, in white, seems to emerge from the surface of the white wall and crystallize into the vivid design; it adds complexity without interfering visually, since it is defined mostly by its own shadows. Gold leaf of the highest carat was used for its unmatched rich yellow colour, while the pink lettering is coated in interference medium so that it shimmers purple depending on the light.

Creation process:

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