Departure رحيل

"Your journey is towards your homeland. Remember you are travelling from the world of appearances to the world of Reality."
— Abd el-Khaleq Ghijduwâni

Wall sculpture. Acrylic on wood. Total reach roughly 160x160cm, central square 30x30cm.

Date23 January 2015

There is a point in life where some feel the need to set out from the safety and structure of a familiar place, of a collective, or even of a well-built core of beliefs, to go out into the desert, into nothingness, silence and the unknown. Then transformation can begin…
By leaving behind society, family, habits, beliefs, distractions, we set out to meet ourselves. By letting go of the structures we rely on, we can build a much sounder structure within.

I would normally never have dreamed of putting green and purple together, yet that is exactly what happened: I had a dream of electric blue-green on iridescent purple, and I used them here. They are pearlescent so their appearance changes with the light.

Creation process:

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