Ecstasy وجد

"Ecstasy is infinity
Ecstasy is the self dissolved beyond poles."
— Cecil Collins, Meditations

Acrylic and metal leaf on Magnani Corona paper. 192x192 cm (made up of 16 pieces of 48x48 cm each).

Date11 January 2015

A monumental version of an earlier small piece. While the design appears static at first, this is the Ecstasy (وجد) contained within “the secret heart”: As one contemplates the square, which is a symbol of wholeness coming into consciousness, swirling patterns appear and begin their dance, with the dots seeming to float over the paper from which they are lifted by their metallic sheen.

Here’s a montage of how it would look on a wall:


Previous incarnation: Acrylic, gouache, ink and metal leaf on Cotman paper 300gsm, 50×50 cm, August 2011 (sold).

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