Flashes لماع

Stainless steel, laser-cut, and acrylic on mount board, assembled on wood, 120x120x4 cm.

Date7 November 2015

Lumâ’ is the plural of lam’a: gleam, flash, sparkle, glitter. The choice of word was inspired by the title of a book, Kitab al-Lumâ’ by al-Sarrâj, usually translated in a vivid way as “Book of Flashes” or “Book of Scintillating Lights”. The 144 words, laser-cut in stainless steel, are depolished to reflect light better, as opposed to forms (as a mirror would). They are mounted at different angles to the surface, so that they don’t all reflect uniformly, but with the scintillating effect expressed by the word — particularly when the viewer is  moving past the piece.

2 Replies

  • I love Luma3! The flashing, the way the pieces change as you move in and away from them. Is it still available for purchase … to a student …could you please let me know as to GBP…? Thank you Joumana, Lynn

    • Glad you like it! It’s available, but it’s 120x120cm and weighs 15kg. It requires a big hanging space and a van to transport it. But I can email you if you still want to discuss!

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