Light نور

"There are lights which ascend and lights which descend. The ascending lights are the lights of the heart; the descending lights are those of the Throne. The ego is the veil between the Throne and the heart. When this veil is rent and a door opens in the heart, like springs towards like. Light rises toward light and light comes down upon light, 'and it is light upon light.'"
— Najmuddin Kubra

Acrylic and pigments on wood and mount board, laser- and hand-cut, assembled on wood. 120x120x4 cm.
Limited Edition prints: Woodblock Prints.

Date5 November 2015
Limited edition: Woodblock print

Noor is Light; brightness, gleam, glow, illumination. It is hardly necessary to expand on the symbolism of light across history and cultures, but it is worth mentioning here that in the Islamic tradition, Light is one of the ninety-nine Divine Attributes: “God is the Light of the heavens and the earth.”

Noor is designed as a radiating and radiant mandala. The tails of the ر and و create a delicate interlace evocative of a “web of light”. Finished with light-catching iridescent pigment, the word floats and shimmering over a dark backdrop of subtle geometry, the latter evoking the invisible yet universal Order behind all things.

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