Jealousy غيرة

“God is jealous, and one sign of His jealousy is that He does not clear any way through to Himself other than Himself.”
– Al-Hallâj

Metal leaf, ink, gloss on Fabriano Murillo paper 340gsm. 50x50 cm.

Date29 November 2011

In Sâd Maydân, Ansari lists Jealousy (غيرة) among the stations on the path, defining it as such: “Jealousy is being envious of something you want but do not have, and nothing else can replace it.”
I don’t often use triangles, which are an “incomplete” shape (3 is 1 short of wholeness), but their asperity imposed itself here and produced an interesting effect of a shape that looks folded upon itself.

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