Genesis خلق

Acrylic, interference colours and metal leaf on paper, cut and assembled on canvas. 122x122x4 cm.

Date14 August 2015

Khalq خلق is creation, making, but also the created. There are several verbs in Arabic that express creating, with subtle distinctions between them, but khalaqa is the one used for the initial creative act, creation ex nihilo, hence the title “Genesis”.

This design is based on a dream I had in 2012, of a single point of force exploding into myriads and myriads of life forms, silhouetted in shades of green. It had a first incarnation in 2013 in acrylic on paper, but the intensity of the greens in my original dream kept haunting me, and I long wanted to give it shape on a larger scale, with more shimmering greens and some layering.

First incarnation: Acrylic, mica pigment, ink pens, gilding on Fabriano Pittura 400 gsm, 50x50cm. 28 January 2013.

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