Loss فقد

Plant-dyed paper, gold leaf and handcut card, 50x50 cm.

Date9 October 2021 - October 2022
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Faqd is “loss”, illustrated here by a composition that will fade gently but inexorably over time.

The colours came from plants I gathered as summer was starting to wane: st john’s wort, coreopsis, marigold, goldenrod and yarrow. The piece was then left exposed to natural light, unprotected, for a year. Being organic, the colours fade, each in its own way — but the genuine gold of the seed-like dots will neither fade nor tarnish.



Faqd is part of a collection of works reflecting on the worldwide destruction and loss that mark our times, but also on what endures, or may be waiting to emerge.

Below is the piece at its peak, when it was just finished and the hues still vibrant.

Creation process:

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