Wonder & Awe

Gold leaf on cut paper, shell gold on paper dyed with indigo. 56x56cm.

Date19 August 2022
Prints Redbubble
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Prompted by the theme of the Chaiya Art Awards 2023, I drew down my own lived experience of wonder and awe, two distinct but intertwined feelings, into a form and materials that can evoke it visually.

Though the design was shaped purely by crystallising a feeling, I can see in retrospect how it responds both to the wonders of Creation and to the awesomeness beyond, by bringing together abstract geometry and a stylised botanical motif.

The integrity of the materials is very much part of the piece, and required me to dye the paper with indigo. You can see a video of this process below.

Dyeing the paper:

Creation process:


A penny for your thoughts...