Box of Libra

Interactive assemblage in box form with kinetic element. 22 x 16 x 17 cm

Date7 August 2022

The box open to reveal its contents

The Box of Libra is part of my Zodiac series, which are based mainly (but not only) on the Islamic imagery and correspondences found in the Ghāyat al-Hakīm (aka the Picatrix). As with all my boxes, the nature and meaning of the contents are not explicitly described so the viewer’s imagination can work on the contents and derive their own story from it.


The closed box seen from the front

Close-up on the plaque on the lid which reads "al-mīzān"

The box opens to reveal a mirror inside the lid and a tray with objects and writing tools

Top view of the tray and its contents


The writing tools, feather and heart

The tray is removed, revealing a painted scene and parts of an apparatus

The painted background with apparatus removed, showing an empty space into which to insert a "pole"

Close-up of the gilded painting

Once mounted, the apparatus turns out to be a mobile, two origami butterflies balancing and dancing on the pole.


Top view showing the full mobile and where it completes the picture

Detail of mobile

Detail of mobile

A drawer opens to reveal another tray

Top view on the tray and its contents

Set of objects

The plaque in the making

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