Please scroll down to read the Shop Notes before ordering! (especially EU residents!)


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Shop notes:

  • Everything in this shop is made, packed, and sent by me. I typically post on Tuesdays and Fridays, and you’ll receive a dispatch notification with your tracking number (if applicable).
  • Important note for EU residents: On 1 July 2021 a new e-commerce law came into effect so that all items bought outside the EU are subject to import tax. You won’t notice this in large shops because the VAT will be integrated with their checkout so your shopping experience is not interrupted. My shop is too small to have access to the same systems and the UK has not yet made tools available to small businesses, so if I ship to the EU as usual, you’ll be asked to pay the VAT on delivery, which will also cause a delay. To avoid this, I have temporarily disabled EU shipping on items under £150 in this shop and activated them on Etsy instead. Please order through it for now so you can get your delivery smoothly and without paying extra fees to receive it. If you want an item that’s not listed there, please let me know and I’ll list it for you. Hopefully more options will become available to us soon.
  • Customers from the GCC must provide a PO Box number as the post office will refuse parcels without it. The only way I can ship to a street address in the Gulf is to use a courier, which incurs extra shipping fees.
  • To pay by card or by bank transfer, ignore the Google Pay and Paypal buttons you see when you checkout. Instead, enter your address, then continue. The final payment screen will give you card or transfer options.
  • If you need something before a given date, please contact me before ordering to make sure this is possible. Note that with global posting still disrupted by covid-19, all services have suspended their delivery times guarantees.
  • No plastic wrapping or tape is used to pack your order. I also ship in reclaimed materials so please excuse the look of the outer packaging. If the order is a gift, let me know and I’ll keep it tidy.