N.B. if you’re looking for originals: Some are listed here, but you’ll find the larger ones in this pdf catalogue. Please enquire after a specific piece, or contact me with a budget and I’ll send you a a list of candidates. Note that I’m happy to arrange payment by installments or to consider offers.

Shop notes:

  • Everything in this shop (except the Other section) is made or finished, packed, and sent by me.
  • Items in stock ship within 3-5 business days.
  • If you need something before a given date, please contact me before ordering to make sure this is possible. I cannot accept returns on late items if I wasn’t aware they were urgent in the first place.
  • I keep shipping costs as low as possible. Any accidental overcharge exceeding £1 will be refunded.
  • No plastic wrapping or tape is used to pack your order (with the sole exception of bubble wrap in the case of glazed artwork). I also ship in reclaimed materials so please excuse the look of the outer packaging. If the order is a gift, let me know and I’ll keep it tidy.
  • Gift orders: If the order is a gift to be posted directly to the recipient, I can include a handwritten card with it (no charge). Just send me a note with to, from, and your message.