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For each artwork in the gallery, you will find above the main image a direct link to a Redbubble page where you can choose a type and size of print. It looks like this:

You can also browse the whole Redbubble print shop directly.

At present this is the only way I can offer a range of print options for all of my 100+ artworks. If you’re not sure what to choose among their different print types, I particularly recommend the folllowing:

  • Art Print: The best quality and classiest print you can get on paper. Giclée printing on lightly textured cotton rag paper, archival and satisfyingly heavy.
  • Metal Print: Stunning and gallery-standard, the image is infused into a lightweight aluminum plate that is ready to hang and floats over your wall. Fairly expensive but they do away with framing as well as the fragility and weight of glass. The surface is cleanable and corners gently rounded. Available in high gloss or satin finish (which I prefer).
  • Art Board Print: This is best is you only want a small image (or a series) that you can put up directly. Printed on watercolour textured 4ply art boards, which can be propped against a wall or attached directly with velcro dots (included).

Last in stock: Open-edition Giclée Prints

Below are a few prints I do have in stock and ship directly. They are the last of discontinued series: once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Jewel Prints: Giclée prints, museum quality on lushly-textured paper and hand-finished with metal leaf. They are designed to be easy to match up in pairs or triptychs. Their size is 30×30 cm or 12″ square, small enough for small interiors, but large enough to make a substantial gift. Each titled and signed in pencil.

Texture Prints: Giclée prints, museum quality, on lushly-textured paper. They are larger, at 40×40 or 40x60cm. Where indicated, they are hand-finished with genuine 23¾ ct gold leaf. Each titled and signed in pencil.