Offering قربان

Gold embroidery thread, genuine indigo pigment in gum tempera and egg glair on watercolour paper. 55x55 cm.

Date21 June 2023
StatusFor sale in the shop
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Symbolically completed on the summer Solstice, this piece was based on a dream. The visual elements I took from it are the overall palette of greys, with the one golden element. The word I chose to transpose it in is qirbān قربان which means “offering”. Although a number of other Arabic words carry that meaning, I was specifically drawn by this one’s etymology: qirbān is from the root QRB, “nearness”, and its literal meaning is “something to bring one closer [to the Divine]”. It’s also an ecumenical word, prominent both in the Qur’an and in Christian rites.

The rough granulation of the indigo pigment and variegation of the natural materials balance out the strict geometric precision of the composition, but also offer an extra layer of contrast with the purity of the painstakingly woven, golden “offering”.

This piece can look very different under different lighting conditions and angles. This makes it tricky to photograph: here’s an alternative to the main image.

Creation process

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