Dream منام

"Dreams are like mirrors in which we can see ourselves. They reflect back our hidden self, revealing the true face of our own nature. nature. In our sleep we are shown the mysteries, the beauty, and the horror of our inner world. Through dreams we can get to know this strange and yet familiar land. And when we wake, our dreams can be a doorway through which we can walk back into this inner world, can step into the landscape of the soul."
— Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, in Catching the Thread

Watercolor, iridescent medium, metal leaf on Fabriano Pittura paper 400 gsm. 25x25x4 cm.

Date9 February 2013

Manâm منام is the Arabic word for dream, and literally means something like “the place where you go when you sleep.”

This is a dimensional version of an earlier piece. The original design had the visual quality of a portal, which I took a step further by giving it depth. As the basic shape is an octagon, I followed through by using 8 layers depth.

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