Box of Luna

Assemblage, 24x14x9.5cm.

Date14 September 2020

One of 7 planet-themed boxes that were made as groundwork and practice for this collection. They draw both on my work with cosmology and on my study of Abbasid-era art materials, Inks & Paints of the Middle-East. The latter book was included with the boxes and contained the clues for deciphering the contents. One piece of information: Luna (the Moon) is associated with white and silver.



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  • These boxes are truly inspiring! I am part of the kickstarter for the book on inks and dyes which is how I ended up here. My 12 year old granddaughter just had her first moon and I am always looking for inspiration for woodworking projects, and I have found that here. Your work is remarkable and pushes me toward integrating my own studies in Alchemy, Sufi and Gnostic ideas, Megalithic circles, Cosmology and on and on. Just positively bubbling! Thank you! — Douglas

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