Primordial Breath

Malachite, Chrysocolla and Terre Verte in gum arabic, 23.75 ct gold on paper. 56x56cm.

Date23 October 2018
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As the letter Mîm of my previous piece is associated with water, the letter Hâ ه that is the base of this one is associated with the breath. In the lunar order of the Arabic alphabet, which is phonetic (the letters matching the sounds exactly), Hâ is the innermost sound, a breath generated at the level of the heart. The other letters travel upwards and outwards, ending with the outermost sound W و .

The chief pigment used here is malachite, which I ground especially.

The numerical value of Mîm is 40, and in Primordial Waters that was arranged in 5 rings; the value of Hâ is 5, and there are 40 per ring. The two pieces therefore echo each other in form and essence.

Creation process:

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