The Unseen الغيب

Metallic rub-ons, metal leaf on Fabriano Murillo paper 360 gsm. 50x50 cm.

Date12 July 2012

Al-Ghaib is the Unseen world, which doesn’t refer to a specific plane of reality but to all the realms hidden from human sight. It is invisible but not necessarily remote: jinn (“hidden folk”) are one example of interaction with the Unseen that is considered commonplace, and imagination is another. Al-Ghaib is distinct from al-3adam, Nothingness, which cannot be perceived in any way, and can only be reached (for lack of a better word) after long training.

It’s very difficult to render this piece in a photo, as it’s made with two metallic layers of pigment that fade into the paper. Here is the metallic effect shown from a different angle, as I was just beginning to add the second color.

A penny for your thoughts...