Box of Virgo

Interactive assemblage in four dimensions. 30 x 21 x 11.5 cm.

Date25 July 2022

The box open to reveal its contents

Part of my Zodiac boxes, which are based mainly (but not only) on the imagery and correspondences found in the magic treatise Ghāyat al-Hakīm (aka the Picatrix). As with all my boxes, the nature and meaning of the contents are not explicitly described so the viewer’s imagination can work on the contents and derive their own story from it.


The closed box seen from the front

Close-up on the plaque on the lid which reads "al-sunbula"

Open box showing a tray full of various objects and the Virgo constellation on the inside of the lid

A closer look at the inside of the lid

A closer look at the tray from above

Another look at the tray, opening the closed compartments

A closer look at the tray taken out of the box

One set of objects:

One set of objects:

One set of objects

The last set of objects is three bag of seeds

The tray has been removed, revealing a lower tier with a small empty bowl in the centre

A closer look at the bottom of the box from above

There is a wordless label showing instructions to put the enclosed seeds in the bowl and water them

A timelapse photo of the seeds sprouting over a few days

The bowl with its green growth is returned to the heart of the mandala in the box

The living mandala seen from above



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