All Things Pass Away

Silver leaf (tarnished) and gold leaf on card, cut and assembled on paper. 50x50cm

DateOct 2021 - Nov 2022
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Zawāl is “passing”, in the sense of disappearing, ending, of the transience of all things.

This is the third piece in this series pondering the ending of a world and what may emerge from the ashes. After completion, the piece was left exposed so the silver leaf tarnished over several months, darkening till it almost faded into the background. But the gold dots, originally hard to see, are not touched by decay and stand out all the more for it.

The piece in its frame

Below is the piece right after it was made, before the silver started to tarnish.

Creation process:

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  • Thank you for sharing this! I feel as though I have happened upon a treasure. I am attending a textile art class, where “doorways” was the given theme to explore. I had photos of a visit I made to La Mezquita in Cordoba some years ago – and found myself entranced by the Arabic writing patterns, the gold, etc. In my internet search to discover information, I arrived here ( eventually!).
    My inner spiritual life is important to me, and sharing your “process” / information re Kufi – well, it touched me deeply.
    Not much is happening with my actual textile art project as I became immersed in your work!
    I am so happy to have discovered you/ the depths of you, thank you so much. 💜

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